National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) Conference Support and Homepage Administration Support

Magna Systems provided the NCVHS with logistics support for conference planning and management for a national scientific advisory committee to the Secretary of DHHS, as well as the recording of the scientific findings of the meetings of the full Committee, subcommittees and other functions. We designed and maintained the committee's website, post notices, minutes and proceedings of the meetings. In addition, the contract provided writers, editors and other expert consultants as needed to support committee activities. Our meeting planning support specialist provides on‐site support at the NCHS office in Hyattsville, MD. She works cooperatively with NCHS to provide logistical support including identify and secure meeting site locations / facilities, arrange audio‐visual equipment and recording equipment, coordinate Expert Consultant schedules to attend meetings, coordinate schedules between vendors and a team of technical writers/editors to convert transcriptions into professional meeting minutes, coordinate with professional and technical writers to produce official reports to the Full committee as well as the official minutes of the subcommittee meetings.