Colorado Health Care Reform Behavioral Health System Consultation

The Colorado Department of Human Services and its Office of Behavioral Health have engaged Magna Systems to provide consultation on health care reform and behavioral health system planning. Through a collaborative process, Magna Systems is analyzing the existing system; determine its strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, leading to development of a consensus vision and a strategic plan. The system improvements recommended in the plan will assist the State and the Office of Behavioral Health in developing a coordinated approach to the delivery of behavioral health care services. The consultation will result in the development of a cross system statewide strategic plan for behavioral health that is required to be incorporated into the 2013 Federal SAMHSA Block Grant.

  • Create a vision for providing a collaborative and integrated system of behavioral health care and community services to better serve the residents of Colorado and to proactively respond to the new challenges presented by federal health care reform.
  • Respond to the opportunities presented by federal health care reform including the expansion of the coverage in Medicaid, new private insurance options, and any changes necessary in indigent services for both mental health and substance abuse programs.
  • Analyze the entire substance abuse provider system and make recommendations on how the system can prepare to implement payment and system changes resulting from state and federal health care reform.
  • Identify opportunities for cooperation and collaboration to ensure that addiction service providers and mental health providers have effective policies in place and are prepared for health care reform.
  • Provide appropriate briefings and trainings related to health care reform.
  • Provide a gap analysis of funding and identify systematic changes needed in service and payment models.