HIV/AIDS Techinical Assistance and Logistical Support

The HIV/AIDS Cross‐Training project was a national effort to improve prevention and treatment for persons with HIV/AIDS infection. It is a project, in coordination with the CDC, to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS infection in the States with the highest rates of infection and to encourage appropriate treatment for who are infected. The program focused on training State agencies to work more effectively in a cross multi‐disciplinary effort to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in those States.

The trainings used many materials along with a comprehensive curriculum. The training materials included copies of technical journal articles, pertinent news media items, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. The trainings were conducted by a cadre of experts in the HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and mental health fields. The trainers were multidisciplinary. Many were experts from diverse ethnic backgrounds who also provided training in culturally competent services. The trainings included a detailed evaluation process for the pre and post‐tests given to the participants by a third‐party evaluation subcontractor.